Expand your business with Destinations by Travelsoft

Innovative software for the travel industry

Strong modern SAAS solution for companies in the travel industry

What we can do for you

Building a winning digital travel business

Easy to manage

Manage multiple brands, channels, currencies and dynamic products in Destinations by Travelsoft. Create products, use integrations or let your partner administrate it themselves. Less administration - more focus on selling.

Increase revenue

With automated workflows your sales channels work around the clock; creating dynamic content that is relevant for your guest, based on guest behavior and requests, delivered at the right time. Work differently - sell more.

Guest oriented

Get all around the needs of your guest. Get to know your guest from the first interaction and use the data for a better guest experience. Offer products and experiences you know your guest is fond of. Know your guest better - be more interesting.


Have the power of knowing your customers and their preferences. Create instant individual recommendations and treat the specific guest as an individual in every interaktion. Powerful recommendations - that are personal and individual.

AI & machine learning

With the Graph database in Destinations by Travelsoft you will spot trends and gather new information. Take decisions based on real time data and let the platform grow with you.

User friendly

Destinations by Travelsoft is an headless SaaS ecommerce platform with the flexibility to let you manage sales and distribution in your preferred environment. The platform is modern and intuitive. And onboarding is easy made.